What is DNS Prefetching?


DNS prefetching is a technology that is common among most modern web browsers (such as Google Chrome or Safari). The Chromium Project explains DNS Prefetching very well. Simply, “DNS prefetching is an attempt to resolve domain names before a user tries to follow a link.” The DNS lookup takes place when you try to connect to a website using its domain name, such as getquantum.space. Quantum uses DNS prefetching to handle this process in the background using our specialized prediction model.

Why it matters

For advanced users who would like to guarantee that a certain domain record gets prefetched on a specific page, Quantum offers a ‘DNS Prefetching’ panel in the Quantum dashboard.

To use this functionality, simply enter in the domain that you would like to have prefetched when a user is viewing a specific page. Only domains are allowed here, but adding records is very easy to do in the Quantum dashboard.

Recommended Uses

In the Quantum dashboard, you have the option to request that a DNS record be prefetched on every domain by using the @ symbol in the “Page user is on” box. We offer this functionality for the comfort and convenience of our customers. However, to conserve on bandwidth and resources, we always recommend being selective when applying DNS prefetching rules.

It is important to note that some browsers will not preload domains from HTTPS pages (pages with the green lock icon). According to Chromium, this is done to “prevent an eavesdropper from inferring the host names of hyperlinks that appear in HTTPS pages.” Due to this security standard, Quantum cannot guarantee that DNS prefetching rules will always be honored by the browser.

DNS prefetching is a powerful tool that website owners can use to offer a fast user experience for their viewers. We recommend using DNS prefetching rules for cloud services that are media heavy such as TypeKit or Google Fonts.

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