What is Predictive Preloading?


Predictive preloading is the term that Quantum uses to describe our service. Preloading is the act of downloading resources from a web server in advance of when they will be needed. Quantum harnesses this preloading technology and pairs it with machine learning to produce what we call “predictive preloading”.

Why it matters

Quantum’s predictive preloading is important for website owners because it allows for a user’s webpage view to happen instantly. For photographers, having lots of images on a webpage may cause a slow page load for their viewers. With Quantum, however, the images are preloaded in the background using our prediction model. This allows for photographers to have instant page loads without sacrificing resolution or image quality.

For websites that sell products online, Quantum’s predictive preloading service allows for high quality product images to be loaded from cache — offering an instant page load for potential customers.

How it works

Quantum’s predictive preloading model collects data about users' viewing habits discretely in the background. Quantum can then decide which link is the most popular on a webpage for a specific user group. This process allows for preloading to take place intelligently so that minimal bandwidth is wasted. All of this takes place with a single line of JavaScript without any coding on behalf of the website owner.


We work constantly at improving our prediction model. We hope that your website can benefit from this service and that it will bring your viewers closer to the incredible work and art that you share.

Your website, faster with Quantum

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